Car Security Plymouth

Q. Does your vehicle security need upgrading?
A. AutoFix can supply and fit:

    VIPER CAT 2 immobiliser from £150

    CLIFFORD CAT 2 to 1 factory upgrade alarm and immobiliser from £300

    CLIFFORD CAT 1 alarm and immobiliser from £400

    GHOST Immobiliser PIN code using factory buttons £400

    Clifford Anti-Hijack Blackjax from £400

Q. Does your vehicle need a tracking system?
A. AutoFix can supply and fit:

     Clifford Connect CAT 6 Tracker £340

     Clifford Connect CAT 5 Tracker £700

Q. Is it possible to remote start my vehicle?
A. AutoFix can fit remote start a large number of vehicles.

    Smartstart - Remotely control your car from your phone

    Remote Start products

Q. Is it possible to prevent key cloning via OBD access?
A. AutoFix can provide a number of options to prevent vehicle theft through the OBD port.

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